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ice popsicles.

Undaunted by our lack of juice or kool-aid, Margaret decided one day that our family must have popsicles.  She filled the popsicle containers with water, dropped in a terrified LEGO man, and secretively hid the whole thing in the back of the freezer.  The next day after school–VOILA!  Ice Popsicles.  Somehow they just tasted so much better than a cup of water.  And the kids just keep making them.

I think your kids would like these.  Really!  With the popsicle containers long ago expired, we have turned to yogurt cups and spoons.  Just let ’em try it!

If you are having doubts, then I suggest this experiment:  just make three ice popsicles for your four children and see how that goes…..

OH, yes.  PLEASE do not run over with packets of kool-aid for the “poor deprived” children.  They had Marshmallow Treasures for afterschool snack and I keep coming home with bags of jelly beans.   They are most certainly still getting their FDA requirement of high fructose corn syrup.

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