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Drinks at the table for a herd of small children….

Tumblers tumble.

The narrow bottom, the wide top–yep, it’s a sure design for a roll-over accident.  Six kids sitting at a small table with six tumblers = 4 towels, one mop, and a change of clothes.  AND wasted milk that probably got cried over.

What about sippee cups, you say?  I really don’t like them one bit.  They are plastic which has all kinds of weird chemicals in it.  They are hard to clean.  They are hard to find lids for.  They are expensive to lose.  They get drug around the house.  They hide the milk that you want the kids to drink, so the milk just gets wasted.  They don’t dry in the dishwasher.  They ARE, however, quite good at growing cheese.

So, at our house, we use ceramic MUGS.  I love them because they don’t tip, I can carry 4 or five of them to the table with one hand, they easily go in the dishwasher and come out clean and dry.  On top of that, I am teaching my kids how to drink out of a real cup, one that doesn’t have a lid or straw.

The only disadvantage is that they do break.  So we buy cheap ones in bulk at a local restaurant supply place.  I like to have “matching” ones just to make things look pretty.  But you can find mugs for 10 cents at garage sales.

Bring the kids on over and I’ll let them eat lunch and drink milk out of a mug.  It will be fun!

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