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Wake up and taste it. The patty needs a makeover.

This article is subtitled:  How to slowly numb your taste buds.

SO, I decided to make Salmon Cakes (A.K.A. Salmon PATTIES) for supper tonight.  I made them like I always make them, except maybe I didn’t cook them with enough oil and I cooked them too long and I added an unfavorable seasoning, but other than that, they were just like always.  The difference tonight was that I was thinking about you, dear readers.  I was thinking about the score of desperate moms looking for a healthy, cheap, quick meal.  How I so wanted to introduce you to the fabulous (?) world of canned salmon.

I mixed it up, took pictures, fried it up, took pictures, and then I sat down to my salmon patty and I tasted it.

I didn’t just dutifully eat it, I tasted it.

I didn’t like it.

It was dry, unflavorful, and blah.  It needed a sauce.

Then I asked myself, why am I making these for my family?

Because they are really cheap, quick, and full of fabulous Omega 3 fatty acids, that’s why.

But these particular salmon patties  are not good.

But, they SHOULD be good.  So, I am going to find out how to make these wonderful salmon cakes so tasty that my kids will beg to eat them, and you will be delighted to serve them to your family.

And the lesson is this:

Just because I have made a food 400 times and my family has eaten it 400 times does not mean it is good.

What would happen if we actually tasted our food?  Would we like how it tastes?  Do we really like how hamburger helper tastes?  Or is it just familiar?

May you desire to eat luscious, moist, flavorful food that tastes good.


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