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It’s 2:20 now.  My kids will be running in the door from school just shortly.  They’ll want a snack and even as I am wiping the table down from snack, they’ll be asking about supper.  It never ceases to amaze me how supper comes every day, whether I am ready to cook it or not.

But tonight, I’m ready!  We’re having brown rice, black beans and roasted sweet potatoes.  This is tasty food, folks.  And cheap.

This blog is for you–the one who cooks supper every day.  And this blog is for you–the low-end budget shoppper who is likely not shucking out for a subscription to home magazines that headline “Budget Casseroles!”  You’re not buying cookbooks–you check them out from the library.  You’re not buying name brand chocolate sandwich cookies, either.  You’re online today trying to find something easy, cheap and  tasty to feed the family.

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