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gag me with a spoon

Face the facts:  it’s really hard to fix low-budget meals if Mom has to negotiate a slalom of food fetishes.

When I was a kid I hated watermelon.  But now I like it–and that’s a good thing, because the kids love it.  Shortly before I gave birth to Jackson, I enjoyed a “rising-crust” frozen pizza.  I didn’t enjoy that pizza a few hours later and it was several years before I could be in a room with it without fight or flight syndrome.  But now I can eat it–and that’s a good thing, because Pizza Friday’s are regular around here.   So, I’ve had food fears–you’ve had food fears.  What I want to know is how YOU got over it.

Send me your success story by posting on this site, or on my facebook.  The guidelines are simple.  Start your story with the sentence, “When I was _______  I couldn’t eat _________. But now I __________  ………….

Guideline #2:  Don’t get overly graphic.  Yes, I am talking to you, the one who got sick on Wildeberry Schnapps.

Guideline #3:  Don’t tell us how to fix our problem, just tell us how you fixed YOURS.

Happy Posting. (And eating.)

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