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The basics.

I have not written to you all in a while. We have mourned, are mourning, the loss of my infant niece in August.

In this sadness, love has comforted us in meeting our most basic needs–companionship and food.

On the first day when the news was still raw and fearful, I found myself going to the grocery store.  I starting sobbing at the checkout counter and got a hug from a cashier I’ve now come to know as a friend. In a day cut off from physical contact with any other dear friends, her hug helped me so much.

When we drug ourselves back to Little Rock from the long funeral journey, waiting at home for us in the fridge was a meal from friends. Sometimes love is a quiche. And love is most certainly a quiche with homemade butter crust.

There isn’t any magic potion to cure the hurt.

But if people are going to live, to heal, to thrive, they need love and they need food.  What a comfort when love and food are gently combined in a medium sized mixing bowl.


About onlifeandbeans

I like to make the adventure taste good by cooking tasty, wholesome food. Most of what I've learned in cooking, I've picked up from cookbooks and lots of practice. (Thank you, Fannie Farmer, for the right start. ) I so appreciate cookbooks that tell how and why to do something; that's why I do the same for my readers. I want to know what is in my food. I want my family to sit down and share a meal together. I want our food to taste good. Home-cooking takes time, but it gives back rich dividends in budget minding, good health and familial love. One meal at a time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and your sweet family.

  2. Shirley Samples

    Dearest Andrea, Thank you for this tender, poignant post. Though it was a sad reminder of the loss of a loved one, it lifted my spirits because it reminded me ofhow wearenourished by the love and care of those around us….and it’s not just about the home-made crust quiche! It’s also about the hugs, the wordless smiles (when words fail), the knowing and understanding look of compassion, the prayers by armies of warriorsthat storm the gates of heaven on our behalf, and the knowledge that the God that “leads us to it, will also carry us through it.” (That was a blessing that someone posted on facebook the other day, and it really spoke to me!) Have a blessed day… Aunt Shirley



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