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Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive-Thru.

Supper comes everyday.

I know this.

Small children must eat every 2 hours and 47 minutes.

I know this.

Afterschool sporting events run late and make it difficult to shop for food, cook a healthy supper, and feed little (and big) people before they melt down into a hysterical tantrum.

I know this.

But I don’t always prepare, and so I find myself sending the troops into “It’s Hot and Waiting For You Pizza Joint.”  We order our favorite salty preserved meat pizzas and start licking our lips for our other favorite, “naturally” butter flavored breadsticks.  I walk next door to Food Emporium to pick up salad and leave with salad…and strawberries, and eggs for breakfast, and a 2 liter bottle of root beer.


+ 14.72


= bacon and corn syrup euphoria

(comes free with morning-after re-budgeting)


About onlifeandbeans

I like to make the adventure taste good by cooking tasty, wholesome food. Most of what I've learned in cooking, I've picked up from cookbooks and lots of practice. (Thank you, Fannie Farmer, for the right start. ) I so appreciate cookbooks that tell how and why to do something; that's why I do the same for my readers. I want to know what is in my food. I want my family to sit down and share a meal together. I want our food to taste good. Home-cooking takes time, but it gives back rich dividends in budget minding, good health and familial love. One meal at a time.

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  1. Thanks for the chuckle! And for the wisdom…. now where do I find security tape that will keep me out unless it’s an emergency? 😉

    • Yes, and homemade pizza freezes well, we have found. We like it. I’ve at least moved Rob to turkey pepperoni and turkey sausage. But, shhh, he doesn’t know it.

  2. I’d love some tips on freezing homemade pizza. As in, how do you package it?


      I just make the crust, it has to be fully baked. And then put on the toppings, but don’t bake it. Then I wrap it in saran wrap, plastic wrap, you know. Sometimes I put foil around that also. Then I freeze it. I take it out and thaw it on the counter for about half the day before I bake it that night.
      It works out so well. You can make so many pizzas at a time for the freezer. I even buy the chopped frozen onions and bell peppers and put those on the pizza when I prep them. It cuts down on my time and I think it works out to be cheaper if you look at the amount of bell pepper you actually get to keep after you cut up a fresh one. It’s not organic though, but I’m sure you could find that too. The only problem I have is keeping the crust from breaking. So I bought a small metal pizza pan and I put one wrapped pizza on it and I stack the others on top of it and put them in the deep freezer. You have to squish all the toppings down so that your pizza is flat or else when you stack the pizzas the edges of the pizzas on top will fall down a little causing the crust to break.
      I know that’s a big answer to your question. He He.
      Hope it helps though. Let me know how it goes.


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