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last cold day–chili

It’s cold outside.  We’re having a bona fide Sunday afternoon rest time.  It’s the first day in days we haven’t painted, nailed, or spent the morning blazing a trail through Home Depot.  Ed put the last log on for a fire and I’m making chili.

Of course, we eat chili with beans.

Here is the recipe:

1 chopped onion

a couple cloves garlic, minced

1 green pepper, chopped

chili powder, salt and pepper, and cumin if you have it

1 lb. hamburger

4 cans of beans in varying shades of red happiness, just rinse off the corn syrup

1 28 oz. can  tomatoes (I use the crushed tomatoes at our house because of the tomato-phobes)

Get out your medium big pot–just the dutch oven, not the 12 quart one the kids use as a dolly diving pool.  Brown up your hamburger, onions, garlic and green pepper.  Add in chili powder, salt and pepper to taste.  When the hamburger is browned and the onions are tender, pour in the tomatoes and beans.  Add water if needed.  Simmer until the kids start begging for supper.  Serve with cheddar cheese!

Here is how you save money on this recipe:  Don’t buy those “Chili Seasoning” PACKETS. Look at the ingredients lists on those things!  It’s just chili powder (which is in itself a conglomeration of spices, salt and garlic) plus more salt and garlic and usually SUGAR and MSG.  It’s a MARKETING PLOY!  Be strong, friend,  just get chili powder and add cumin.


About onlifeandbeans

I like to make the adventure taste good by cooking tasty, wholesome food. Most of what I've learned in cooking, I've picked up from cookbooks and lots of practice. (Thank you, Fannie Farmer, for the right start. ) I so appreciate cookbooks that tell how and why to do something; that's why I do the same for my readers. I want to know what is in my food. I want my family to sit down and share a meal together. I want our food to taste good. Home-cooking takes time, but it gives back rich dividends in budget minding, good health and familial love. One meal at a time.

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  1. I, too, believe in cumin and chili powder. More power to ya! I hope you’re making cornbread, too! Cornbread with honey and butter is seriously my favorite food. Right after a nice latte.

  2. I’ve been wanting to make chili without using the packet in the store b/c the sodium content is so high. Thank you for the recipe.

  3. I was never able to make a decent chili in Japan. Please give me more exact measurements!!! I’d like to try again!!!


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